Advance Evidence


June 11-16, 2023


Bar Harbor, Maine
Bluenose Inn

Conference Fee

Tuition: $1,300
Hotel: $160/Night

Course Description

The Advanced Evidence course is specifically designed for judges seeking to enhance their knowledge and expertise in the intricate realm of evidence law. Led by distinguished jurists Judge Leslie G. Johnson and Judge Joseph Farah, both of whom have extensive experience in teaching the subject, this course provides an unparalleled opportunity to delve into complex topics and explore emerging issues in the field.  The course will cover a wide range of topics, including presumptions, privileges, judicial notice, writings, recordings, photographs, authentication, artificial intelligence, expert testimony, impeachment, character evidence, hearsay, hearsay exceptions, the confrontation clause, admissibility of electronic evidence, trends and challenges to the courts, special exceptions to the warrant requirement, competency, evidence issues in domestic cases, and judicial ethics.

Judges attending this course will gain valuable insights and learn to effectively navigate the challenging evidentiary issues encountered in their judicial roles. The course will be a valuable resource for judges who want to improve their knowledge of the rules of evidence and their ability to make sound evidentiary rulings.

Meet the Speakers

Judges Joseph Farah and Leslie Johnson are exceptionally qualified to teach Advanced Evidence. With their extensive legal backgrounds and profound expertise in the field, they bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to the classroom. Judge Farah’s distinguished career on the bench, coupled with his profound understanding of the nuances of evidentiary rules, equips him to provide unique insights into the intricacies of advanced evidence law. Likewise, Judge Johnson’s in-depth understanding of legal precedents, coupled with his practical courtroom experience, positions him as an invaluable resource for teaching complex evidentiary concepts. Participants can expect to gain invaluable insights and real-world perspectives from these accomplished judges, making this conference an unparalleled opportunity to delve deep into the realm of advanced evidence.




Explore our conference agenda by clicking on the button below labeled Printable Agenda. Our dynamic agenda provides an overview of the daily topics and schedule. While topics may evolve, rest assured that the time schedule remains constant, ensuring you can confidently plan your day, excursions, and dinner arrangements after class. Stay informed and make the most of your conference experience.