September 15-20, 2024


Whitefish, Montana
Kandahar Lodge

Conference Fee

Tuition: $1,300
Hotel: $140/Night

Course Description

The Evidence judicial conference offers a comprehensive exploration of the intricate realm of legal evidence. Guided by two distinguished instructors, Judge Jack Nevin and Eric Norris, this conference is designed to empower legal professionals with a deep understanding of the nuanced landscape of evidence law. With a perfect blend of Judge Nevin’s profound insights into substantive law and Eric Norris’s practical expertise, this conference promises to be a valuable resource for judges, attorneys, and legal practitioners seeking to master the intricacies of evidence.

Judge Jack Nevin, renowned for his in-depth case studies, offers a lens into the substantive aspects of evidence law, enriching participants’ understanding of its conceptual underpinnings. Eric Norris, drawing from his practical experience, provides hands-on guidance for navigating evidence-related challenges in real-world scenarios.

The conference unfolds through a series of sessions that explore key dimensions of evidence law. Participants will gain insights into the overview of evidence from a judge’s perspective, offering a foundational understanding of its role within the judicial process. The exploration extends to contemporary evidence issues, including digital evidence, and a captivating analysis of evidentiary issues in high-profile cases like the Chauvin trial.

Child witnesses and their testimony are examined, with considerations on ensuring justice while preserving their well-being. The landmark Crawford v. Washington case is dissected to unveil its lasting implications on evidence law. The ethical dimensions of evidence presentation and gatekeeping duties of judges are scrutinized, ensuring participants navigate this critical terrain with integrity.

Privileges, judicial notice, competency, and authentication are explored to equip legal professionals with essential tools for effective argumentation. The conference also delves into the specific intricacies of evidence within domestic cases, acknowledging the unique considerations in these settings. Hearsay, a pivotal concept, is unraveled to facilitate a clear understanding of its application.

The conference remains attuned to contemporary issues that shape the evolving evidence landscape. Throughout the sessions, participants will engage in insightful discussions, thought-provoking case studies, and practical examples that bridge theory with practice. 

By the end of the conference, attendees will have a comprehensive toolkit to navigate the complexities of evidence law, coupled with a profound understanding of its theoretical foundations. Whether a judge, attorney, or legal professional, this conference empowers individuals to confidently address evidence-related challenges in the legal arena. Join us for an immersive journey that deepens your knowledge of evidence law and equips you for excellence in your legal practice

Meet the Speakers

Judge Jack Nevin and Judge Eric Norris are well-suited to lead the Evidence conference for the American Institute for Justice. With Judge Nevin’s established reputation as a recognized legal educator in the field of Evidence, his expertise is invaluable in guiding participants through the intricate nuances of this subject. His extensive experience in teaching and deep understanding of evidentiary rules enable him to provide comprehensive insights into the complexities of the topic. In addition, the inclusion of Judge Eric Norris as a first-time presenter brings a fresh perspective to the conference. While new to presenting, Judge Norris’s expertise in the legal domain, coupled with his firsthand experience in navigating evidentiary challenges in the courtroom, enhances the learning experience for participants. Together, Judge Nevin’s seasoned expertise and Judge Norris’s unique insights promise to offer attendees a well-rounded and enlightening exploration of the intricacies of Evidence law.





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