Current Issues


September 17-22, 2023


Whitefish, Montana
Kandahar Lodge

Conference Fee

Tuition: $1,300
Hotel: $140/Night

Course Description

The Current Issues judicial conference offers a comprehensive exploration of important and evolving topics within the legal field. The instuctors, Judges Jack Nevin and Daniel Narum, bring a wealth of experience and expertise. The conference will feature in-depth discussions on various topics, including landmark cases such as Crawford v Washington and the right of confrontation, which examines the confrontation clause and its implications for ciminal proceedings. Additionally, the conference will delve into the complexities surrounding cell phone seach and seizure, geofencing, and the unique challenges they pose in the digital age.

The conference also addresses the USSC 21st century challenges, focusing on the Supreme Court’s role in shaping the legal landscape and tackling contemporary legal issues. Participants will gain insights into the critical decisions and debates shaping our legal system and its modern application. Moreover, this course will explore the dynamic field of Family Law, with a particular focus on contemporary issues impacting domestic relations. 

Throughout the conference, participants will explore crucial subjects such as judicial bias, expert issues, problems facing judges, and emerging trends in the legal profession. Additionally, the course will address the vital topic of judicial ethics, highlighting the importance of maintaining integrity and impartiality on the bench.

Meet the Speakers

Our speakers are distinguished judges in the judicial field, recognized for their exceptional experience Judge Jack Nevin and Judge Daniel Narum are exceptionally well-suited to lead the Current Issues conference for the American Institute for Justice. With their extensive legal careers and dynamic expertise, they bring a wealth of contemporary knowledge and practical insight to the forefront. Judge Nevin’s comprehensive experience on the bench, combined with his keen understanding of evolving legal landscapes, uniquely positions him to navigate and elucidate complex current issues in the field. Similarly, Judge Narum’s profound grasp of emerging legal trends, coupled with his sharp analytical skills, empowers him to provide attendees with a thorough exploration of the most pressing matters facing the legal community today. Participants can anticipate a thought-provoking and enlightening experience, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the latest developments and challenges in the legal realm under the guidance of these accomplished judges.





Explore our conference agenda by clicking on the button below labeled Printable Agenda. Our dynamic agenda provides an overview of the daily topics and schedule. While topics may evolve, rest assured that the time schedule remains constant, ensuring you can confidently plan your day, excursions, and dinner arrangements after class. Stay informed and make the most of your conference experience.