Courts in Flux

Adaptation & Resilience in Changing Times


October 13-18, 2024


Duck Key, Florida
Hawk's Cay Resort

Conference Fee

Tuition: $1,300
Hotel: $174/Night

Course Description

In an era marked by rapid shifts and dynamic changes, the “Courts in Flux: Adaptation and Resilience in Changing Times” conference presents an exceptional opportunity for legal professionals to explore the evolving nature of the judiciary. Guided by two distinguished instructors, Judge Jack Nevin and Judge Mark Anthony Scott, this conference delves into the intricate fabric of modern courts. It offers an immersive journey through the challenges and opportunities that define the judicial system’s response to a rapidly evolving legal and societal landscape.

Judge Jack Nevin, a recognized legal authority, brings his extensive experience in law case studies to illuminate the ever-evolving role of judges within contemporary society. His insights shed light on the substantive aspects of law, enriching participants’ understanding of how courts adapt to novel challenges.

Retired Judge Mark Anthony Scott, drawing from his practical experience on the bench, offers a grounded perspective on the practical aspects of the judicial process. With a focus on pragmatic solutions, Judge Scott guides attendees through real-world strategies for addressing challenges encountered in the judicial sphere.

The conference unfolds across a diverse range of sessions. These encompass critical topics such as the influence of implicit biases on judicial decisions, the complexities of intersectionality within legal proceedings, emerging trends within the judicial system, and ethical considerations that guide judges in their roles. It delves into the challenges faced by judges, both within their professional capacities and in personal well-being, offering candid discussions on how to navigate these challenges effectively.

Furthermore, the conference examines the courts’ response to unprecedented events, such as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. It explores lessons learned from the implementation of remote jury trials and offers strategies for providing guidance to jurors in this new landscape. Protocols for remote jury deliberations and the legal implications of remote testimony are also dissected.

The intricate dance between judicial personality and the risk of compassion fatigue is explored, alongside considerations surrounding self-represented litigants. The conference concludes by addressing broader challenges faced by courts, from resource constraints to public perceptions.

Participants will engage in insightful discussions, real-world case studies, and in-depth explorations of the challenges faced by the judiciary. This conference equips legal professionals with the perspectives, knowledge, and strategies required to navigate the ever-evolving judicial environment with resilience and adaptability. Whether a judge, attorney, or legal professional, this conference empowers individuals to understand, embrace, and thrive within the fluid landscape of courts in flux.

Meet the Speakers

Judges Jack Nevin and Mark Anthony Scott team up to lead the Courts in Flux: Adaptation & Resilience in Changing Times conference for the American Institute for Justice. With Judge Nevin’s extensive teaching background and his longstanding role as a presenter for the American Institute for Justice, his expertise in legal education is a cornerstone for guiding participants through the intricacies of court dynamics in evolving times. His wealth of experience not only as a teacher but also as a respected AIJ presenter ensures a comprehensive and insightful learning experience. Complementing this is the inclusion of Judge Mark Anthony Scott, whose teaching experience brings a fresh and contemporary perspective to the conference. While new to presenting for AIJ, Judge Scott’s experience, academic background, coupled with his practical understanding of the legal landscape, enriches the dialogue on adapting and resiliently navigating the challenges faced by courts in an ever-changing environment. Together, Judge Nevin’s seasoned guidance and Judge Scott’s innovative insights promise attendees a valuable exploration of how courts adapt and thrive amidst shifting circumstances.




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