Judicial Innovations & Trends


June 22-27, 2025


Deadwood, South Dakota
The Lodge at Deadwood

Conference Fee

Tuition: $1,300
Hotel: $159/Night

Course Description

Join us for the Judicial Innovations & Trends conference, led by retired Judge Jack Nevin (WA) and Judge Barbara McDermott (PA). This conference will explore cutting-edge advancements and emerging trends in the judiciary, blending practical insights with academic expertise.

Participants will examine the transformative role of technology in court systems, including AI in case management, virtual courtrooms, and online dispute resolution. Discussions will also cover recent judicial reforms, such as procedural streamlining, innovations in jury management, and the role of specialized courts like drug and mental health courts.

Judge Nevin will provide insights into the intersection of military and civilian judicial systems, addressing the unique challenges posed by military cases and procedures. 

The conference will also focus on social justice and equity, exploring ways to address bias, promote diversity, and implement restorative justice practices.

Ethics and professional responsibility will be key themes, highlighting contemporary ethical dilemmas and maintaining impartiality. Emerging trends in legal education, global perspectives on judicial systems, and innovative court administration techniques will also be discussed.

Public policy impacts on the judiciary, recent legislative changes, and mental health and wellness for judicial professionals will round out the program. This conference is designed to equip judicial professionals with the knowledge and tools to navigate and shape the future of the judiciary.

Meet the Speakers

Judges Jack Nevin and Barbara McDermott are exceptionally qualified to teach Judicial Innovations & Trends due to their extensive judicial experience and significant roles in advancing legal practices. Judge Nevin, a retired Superior Court Judge and Brigadier General in the U.S. Army, brings a dual perspective on legal and military leadership, offering insights into courtroom procedures and strategic decision-making. Judge McDermott, serving on the Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas (First Judicial District) and actively involved in the homicide program, contributes valuable expertise in criminal law and judicial reforms. Their combined knowledge equips them to explore cutting-edge judicial strategies and advancements with authority and practical relevance.




Explore our conference agenda by clicking on the button below labeled Printable Agenda. Our dynamic agenda provides an overview of the daily topics and schedule. While topics may evolve, rest assured that the time schedule remains constant, ensuring you can confidently plan your day, excursions, and dinner arrangements after class. Stay informed and make the most of your conference experience.