Truth Seeking in the Legal Process


October 26-31, 2025


Marathon, Florida
Isla Bella Beach Resort

Conference Fee

Tuition: $1,300
Hotel: $209/Night + $10/Night Resort/Parking Fee

Course Description

Join us for an illuminating conference titled Truth Seeking in the Legal Process, led by recently retired Judge Mark Anthony Scott of Georgia and Judge Daniel Narum of North Dakota. This conference is designed for legal professionals dedicated to understanding and enhancing the mechanisms by which the legal system seeks and uncovers truth. With their combined wealth of experience and judicial insight, Judges Scott and Narum will guide participants through the fundamental principles and contemporary challenges associated with truth seeking in legal proceedings.

Judge Scott, with his extensive experience on the bench in Georgia, will provide a deep dive into the methodologies and judicial practices that support the pursuit of truth in courtrooms. He will share insights on the importance of judicial integrity, the role of evidence evaluation, and the impact of legal precedents on ensuring just outcomes. Judge Narum will bring his perspective from North Dakota, focusing on practical approaches to managing cases to ensure that the truth emerges through careful fact-finding and equitable application of the law.

The conference will address critical issues such as the ethical responsibilities of legal practitioners, the effectiveness of different truth-seeking mechanisms, and the balance between procedural fairness and substantive justice. Participants will explore how to navigate challenges like witness credibility, evidentiary limitations, and biases that can obscure the truth. Engaging discussions and real-world case studies will provide attendees with practical tools and strategies to enhance their truth-seeking efforts in various legal contexts.

This conference promises to be an invaluable experience for judges, attorneys, and legal scholars committed to the foundational goal of the legal process: uncovering and establishing the truth.

Meet the Speakers

Judges Daniel Narum and Mark Anthony Scott bring extensive judicial experience and a commitment to truth-seeking in the judicial process, making them highly qualified to teach on this vital topic. Judge Narum serves as a North Dakota District Judge, where his responsibilities include presiding over a wide range of cases and ensuring fair and just outcomes based on thorough examination of evidence and legal principles. His insights into the nuances of truth-seeking within the judicial system provide attendees with practical strategies and ethical considerations crucial to maintaining judicial integrity.

Judge Mark Scott Anthony, recently retired as a Georgia Superior Court judge, brings a wealth of experience in adjudicating complex legal matters and upholding the truth-seeking mission of the judiciary. Their combined perspectives from diverse judicial backgrounds enrich discussions on the ethical and procedural dimensions of truth-seeking, ensuring participants gain valuable insights into maintaining the integrity of the judicial process.




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